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Barber Scissors | Blackhead remover | Straight Razor

Welcome to VENUS WORLDWIDE. The world's best professional grooming and beauty products Manufacturer ! We carry a complete line of beauty supplies: facial supplies, hair care, nail care, spa kits, shears, clippers and more - everything you need for personal grooming.

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 Barber Scissors | Blackhead Remover | Straight Razor

Venus worldwide is the leading manufacturer and Exporter of Barber scissors Thinning scissors Blackhead Remover straight razor Embroidery scissors and Beauty Tools

 Barber scissors

Professional Barber Scissors
We have complete range of quality professional barber scissors, Hair cutting scissors Salon Shears hairdressing Hairstyling kits Left handed barber scissors Razor Edge scissors Convex Edge scissors Swivel thumb shears Rotating thumb scissors, Offset handle scissors, haircutting shears.

 Thinning scissors

Thinning Shears
We manufacture quality hair thinning scissors, Texturizing scissors. Our scissors are mirror polished, satin finished.We also have double sided thinning scissors with double finger rest both fixed and removable. In our article section you will find "How to use thinning scissors"

 Titanium Barber scissors

PVD Titanium Plasma Coated Barber Scissors
Venus Worldwide Manufactures quality Titanium coated Barber and salon scissors. Sharpness of scissors last longer in titanium coated shears rain bow color, blue titanium color, golden titanium colord scissors are available. It makes scissors not only more beautiful but also more sharp.

 blackhead remover

Blackhead Remover and Comedone Extractors
Venus Worldwide produces very fine quality blackhead removers, comedone extractor, whitehead remover, 8 in 1, 14 in 1 blackhead extractor kits, double spoon, fine loop, double loop extractors, thin wire loop extractors, Saalfield Schamberg black head removers.

 straight razor

Straight Razors and Strops
We also carry comprehensive variety of straight shaving razors, Titanium coated razor, Gillette razor blades. See Video of "How to shave with straight Razors". We also produce Double sided handcrafted Genuine high quality flexible Leather Strop. See here Super Sharp, Rust Free, Laser Printed titanium razors.

 manicure set

Manicure Set and Pedicure Kits
In these professional manicure kits and pedicure kits, you will find all the essential items you need for salon-quality manicures and pedicures right in your own home. We have complete range of manicure set, pedicure sets, Manicure box Pedicure set Pedicure kit Beauty kit Beauty set Beauty box Beauty tools

 grooming scissors

Dog Grooming Scissors
Venus Worldwide has all the pet grooming tools you need to keep your dog or cat looking beautiful at unbeatable prices. We also have pet thinning shears to keep your pet comfortable in the “dog days” of summer. Here you will find Straight and curved Filipino shears, titanium coated grooming scissors.

 grooming tools

Pet Grooming Products
Here you will find quality Pet grooming productsDog grooming products Grooming products Pet products Grooming supplies wholesale pet grooming products Hair pulling tweezers, straight and curved forceps with dipping handles, Nose scissors Dog Nail clipper Cat nail clipper Cat nail scissors and Scalers.

 cuticle scissors

Cuticle Scissors
At Venus Worldwide we use the finest quality Japanese Stainless Steel to manufacture our Cuticle Scissors. Here we have quality Face Eyebrow Nail scissors, Fancy scissors Beauty scissors Nose scissor, Moustaches scissors Toenail scissors Arrow point scissors, Safety scissors.

 leather case

Leather Holsters, Leather Cases for Professional Scissors
Our quality leather cases are soft and supple made of original leather. We are producing Leather cases for multiple barber scissors and Leather holster for individual hairdressing scissors. Moreover you can also see our quality velvet holsters and velvet cases in our collection.

 eyelash curler

EyeLash Curler
Venus Eyelash curlers Turn even the most minimal lashes into a full, flirty fringe. Its specially curved shape preps and curls lashes to perfection while the user-friendly handle ensures even (and ouchless) results. Curls lashes without crimping. Non-stick silicone pad won't pull out lashes..

 nail nipper

Professional Nail Nippers and Toenail Nippers
These nail nippers, toenail nippers and acrylic nail clippers are used by professionals ,Nail Technicians, cosmeticians, beauty students, Day Spa Salons, professional pedicurists, podiatrists, professional manicurists and HOME CONSUMERS.

 cuticle nipper

Cuticle Nippers
All our nippers are made from the finest Stainless Steel. Life-Time Guarantee! We also produce Revolutionary New Angled Cuticle Nipper, named Ergo-Nip is ergonomically angled for comfort and control. Less stress on your wrist. Our cuticle nippers come with 1/4 Jaw, 1/2 Jaw and Full Jaw.

 cosmetic tweezers

Cosmetic Tweezers and Eyebrow Tweezers
Venus Worldwide represents the state-of-the-art in cosmetic tweezers. . We are producing many types of tweezers including cosmetic tweezers, eyebrow tweezers, Slanted tweezers, pointed tweezers, straight tweezers, professional hair pulling tweezers, optical tweezers, precision tweezers.

 salon gloves

Salon Gloves
A Revolutionary device designed for safety and comfort for all Stylists, beginners in schools as well as professionals in salons. The Salon Glove is a professional cosmetology apparatus, used to protect and help minimize cuts and nicks to the middle finger of the cosmetologists.

 nail files

Nail Files
Venus Worldwide brings you beautiful nails with a comprehensive selection of professional nail care products, including files, buffing blocks, pumice stones, finger and toenail separators, and more. Our product line is designed to meet all of your needs. When it comes to nail care, don't click on by - check us out!

 corn plane

Corn Plane
Relieve yourself of the aches and pains your feet get everyday. Here, you'll find all you need for luxurious foot care. Our complete line of Corn Planes,Corn cutter, Corn remover Foot care implements keep your feet looking and feeling great!

 callus rasp

Callus Rasp
Worlds best manufacturer and exporters of quality Callus rasp Foot file Foot rasp Callosity remover Pedicure rasp. This special pedicure aid allows you to customize your foot treatment for the best results. Our callus rasps are round for hard to reach areas on your feet and between toes.

 hair razors

Hair Razors
We are also producing quality Hair Shaper, Hair Razor and hair razor blades. Light Weight Hair Shaping and cutting Tool can be used to create shape in bangs, thin thick hair and blend step marks out of straight hair and trimming hairs like scissors.

 cuticle pushers

Cuticle Pushers
We pride ourselves on crafting the finest cuticle pushers. The no-slip handle will ensure you always have a secure grip, enabling you to work close to the cuticle without slipping and damaging the nail or finger. We are also producing angled cuticle tools, Pterygium Remover, Plastic, 8 in 1 Cuticle Pusher Kit,

 embroidery scissors

Embroidery scissors
Embroidery scissors, Fancy scissors, Curved embroidery scissors, Embroidery tools, Craft scissors, Thread nipper, Stork scissors, Lady scissors, Leather sheath, Lion tail scissors, Lil snipt Stitch scissors, Embroidery supplies, Applique scissors.

 acrylic nail clipper

Acrylic Nail Clippers
Venusworldwide, World's best manufacturer and exporters of Quality Acrylic nail clipper Acrylic nail nipper Acrylic nipper Nail tip cutter Artificial nail cutter Guillontoin nail clipper Nail cutter. Grab those nail clippers and cut your nail tips down as far as you can--the shorter you can get them.

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